About Plumeria Seeds and Seedlings

Growing Plumeria from Seeds

Plumeria Seeds is a guide that’s full of useful information about growing plumeria seeds to maturity and to the point of blooming. Basically, there are three reasons to grow plumeria seeds. 1) For rootstock to use for grafting and 2) to produce new cultivars and 3) just for the fun of it. I’ve been growing plumeria from seeds for about 15 years in Texas and 2018 will be my 6th year in Florida. I have found growing seeds to be a very enjoyable and relaxing experience. The excitement, anticipation, and feeling of accomplishment are some of the rewards, but the best reward of all is the feeling you get when a seedling bloom for the very first time, especially when it is an exceptional flower. I encourage everyone to at least give it a try.

This site shares in detail my experiences and my preferred methods. My goal is to provide information that helps others grow plumeria from seed to bloom and help others understand the logic behind the method used.

On this site, I will share information pertaining to pollination, seedpods, germinating and initial transplanting. 

There are many good methods used all over the world to grow plumeria from seed and most have been adjusted to fit the grower’s environment and growing conditions, always consider your environment and growing conditions. If I don’t cover specific growing methods, it doesn’t mean I don’t think it a good method, it just means it’s not the best I’ve found for my goals or conditions in South Florida Zone 10b. Or maybe I haven’t tried it yet.

In Plumeria Seeds, I provide detailed information and photos covering the ongoing 2018 projects. I’ve started keeping detailed records since 2014 and have learned to keep more detailed records every year. I will also put information about previous years as time permits. Every year I usually plant from 2 to 5 thousand seeds, depending on what we need for rootstock. I usually plant about 1000 to grow for new cultivars and to experiment with. A seedling takes a lot of care and room as they grow. You could keep seedlings many years before you are able to determine if it’s worth keeping, so think about how many you can take care of over the years.

The 2018 projects cover seed selections, viability testing, preparation, planting seeds, fertilizing, transplanting, watering, soil, and much more to the time they bloom. One project covers parent selection and parent selection for 2019 seed projects.

I love to experiment with different products and methods. My successes and failures have allowed me to get a good idea of what works for me in South Florida, Zone 10b. I hope this site provides useful information and you learn from my experiences, successes, and failures.

Note: Every plumeria is a seedling of its parents, on Plumeria Seeds, I refer to a growing plumeria seedling as a “seedling” until it blooms.

To give you an idea of what my plans are check out…A guide to help growing Seeds and visit Florida Colors Nursery for products I use to grow my seedlings.