Keeping Track of you Seedlings

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This is how I keep up with my seedling,
I create a spreadsheet for each group of seedlings with a line for each seed, with parent(s), date planted and info pertaining to how I’m growing them, fertilizing, etc.
 From the spreadsheet I create a code. i.e. SSxTEM-03-18-22, meaning Super Round (pod parent) crossed with Temptation (Pollen Parent), planted in March, 2018, seedling number 22. If I only know the pod parent…SS-03-18-22. Each seedling is tagged with it’s code. I like to add the parent(s) name and date planted on the opposite side of the tag.
When they bloom I create a folder with the code as the folder name, where I store the photos of that seedling. Sometimes I create a text file with information or history about that seedling, such as or growing conditions or anything different.
After the first bloom, If I decide it’s worth keeping. I update the spreadsheet with date or blooms, fragrance, growing habit, etc. I also take more detailed photos of the flower, inflo, leaves, the overall tree, etc. after the 3rd bloom cycle.
If a seedling dies or if it isn’t worth keeping, can be used as root stock or just destroyed. I update the spreadsheet.
This may seem overkill to some, but it works for me.